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And the answer is... Ken Jennings!

Q: Did someone have to run out and get Ken Jennings more clothes? Bringing five outfits to your first taping might be a bit presumptuous.
A: Not sure! That was a little before my time. But it also depends on what show number the contestant started... if it was the 4th or 5th show that day that they won, then they would only need the one or two outfits.

Q: Was the Ken Jennings winning streak faked just for ratings?
A: There is nothing faked or staged about jeopardy, it truly is a random show and they really pride themselves on their legitimacy as a game show and their protection over their clues and the contestants.

Q: Please answer this. Did Ken Jennings change Jeopardy in any aspect? He should replace Trebek.
A: Unfortunately Ken's run was before my time, but everyone that was there seemed to enjoy it a lot. Trebek even talks about getting a little choked up when he realized the run was over. Ken was a part of the taping for almost about 4 months so he was a bit of a regular on stage. People ask Alex if he still keeps in contact with any previous contestants from the show, but he does not, not even with Ken, apart from the occassional run in.

Q: I loved watching Ken's run when I was younger, but to me it seemed that on the last episode of it he purposefully lost. Have you heard anything about that? I'm interested to hear your thoughts, even if it was before you worked there.
A: I dont see any reason why he would lose on purpose. He was making tons of money doing something he loved. The show wouldnt suggest that he throw the game because it was great for ratings. Sometimes you just catch bad clues. Ive seen plenty of great contestants lose to absolutely horrible players. The woman that Ken lost to actually lost on the very next game. It happens.

Q: Got any funny stories that you can tell? And why aren't your answers in the form of a question?
A: One time, the two top winning (dollars won) contestants ever on jeopardy!, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter (won the most total money ever on jeopardy) stopped by to view a taping. During the break Alex decided to chit chat with them and asked them what they have been doing with the money they won, Jennings, a devout mormon, mentioned that he was helping out in the community, donating, buying bibles and such.. Then Trebek asked Rutter. His response: "Hookers and blow Alex, hookers and blow".

Q: Did you ever read Ken Jennings book? He talks a lot about Jeopardy and about how people got into auditions/the show. I was just wondering if you can confirm or disprove some of the stuff he mentioned.
A: Never read his book. From the few parts I heard about though it seemed to hold pretty true.
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